C-mount USB3.0 CMOS Camera

SONY Exmor Back-illuminated CMOS sensor with USB3.0 interface;

Real-time 8/12/14/16bit depth switch (depending on sensor);

Ultra low noise and low power dissipation;

With hardware resolution among1.5M to 20M; Rolling Shutter or Global Shutter; Standard C-Mount camera; CNC aluminum alloy housing;

With advanced video & image processing application Pro-View;

Ultra-fine Color hardware Color Engine ensuring high frame rates (Up to 15 frames for 20M Resolution);

Windows/Linux/macOS/Android multiple platform SDK.


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Product Overview


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Sensor & Size (mm)


G Sensitivity

Dark Signal




APD310M3C1 10.3M/IMX294(C)
4/3 “(17.47×12.86)
4.63 x4.63 419mv with 1/30s
0.12mv with 1/30s

Large scientific CMOS sensor (SONY or GSENSE Back-illuminated CMOS sensor);
Wide spectrum range, some models even have high response from ultra-violet to infrared wavelength;
Real-time 8/12bit depth switch(depending on sensor);
Ultra-fine HISP VP and USB3.0 5 Gbps interface ensuring high frame rates(Up to 30 frames for 10M resolution);
Ultra low noise and low power dissipation by using column-parallel A/D conversion;
With hardware resolution from 4.2M to 10.3M;
Rolling Shutter or Global Shutter;
Standard M42 mount and M42 to C-mount or F-mount;
CNC aluminum alloy housing;
With advanced video & image processing application;
Windows/Linux/macOS/Android multiple platform SDK;

D3 series adopt SONY Exmor or GSENSE CMOS sensor as the image-picking device and USB3.0 is used as the transfer interface. BigEye hardware resolutions range from 4.2M to 10M and come with the integrated CNC aluminum alloy compact housing.

D3 series integrated with 12~16 bit Ultra-fine Hardware Image Signal Processor Video Pipline(Ultra-fineTM HISPVP) for Demosaic, Adjustments, Automatic Exposure, Gain Adjustment, One Push White Balance, Chrominance Adjustment, Saturation Adjustment, Gamma Correction, Luminance Adjustment, Contrast Adjustment, Bayer and finally form RAW data for 8/12 bit output. This will move the heavier burden of the processing from the PC to the Ultra-fineTM HISPVP and greatly accelerating the processing speed.

D3 series  comes with advanced video & image processing application ToupView; Providing Windows/Linux/macOS/Android multiple platform SDK(Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, Python, Java, DirectShow, Twain, etc);

The D3 series can be widely used in bright field light environment and microscope image capture and analysis with higher frame rate.


Interface Ports

USB 3.0 Port:  5Gb bandwidth

Mechanical Diagram

Installation drawings(Click to enlarge). The BigEye body, made from CNC alumnium alloy, ensures a heavy duty, workhorse solution. The camera is designed with a high quality IR-CUT to protect the camera sensor. No moving parts included. This design ensures a rugged, robust solution with an increased lifespan when compared to other industrial camera solutions.

Items in The Packing Box

Standard Camera Packing List


Carton L:52cm W:32cm H:33cm (20pcs, 12~17Kg/ carton), not shown in the photo


Gift box L:15cm W:15cm H:10cm (0.58~0.60Kg/ box)


BIGEYE series camera


High-speed USB3.0 A male to B male gold-plated connectors cable /2.0m


CD (Driver & utilities software, Ø12cm)
Optional Accessory


M42x0.75mm-mount to C-mount converter (If C-mount adapter is used)


M42x0.75mm-mount to F-mount converter (If F-mount lens is used)


Phototube to M42x0.75 mount adapter (U-TV1.2XT2) for Olympus microscope


Phototube to M42x0.75 mount adapter (MQD42120 MBB42120) for Nikon microscope


Phototube to M42x0.75 mount adapter (P95-T2 4/ P95-C 1″ 1.0 x 3″ 1.2x) for Zeiss Primo Star series , Zeiss Primo vert series microscope


Phototube to M42x0.75 mount adapter (11541510-120 HT2-1.2X) for Leica microscope


Phototube to M42x0.75 mount adapter (60N-T2 4/3″ 1.2x) for Zeiss Axio series microscope

Note: For 4/3″ sensor, 1.2X adapter with M42x0.75 mount should be chosen, for the 1.2″ sensor, 1.0X adapter with C-mount could be used to get the better FOV;


Calibration Lit 106011/TS-M1(X=0.01mm/100Div.);
106013/TS-M7(X=0.01mm/100Div., 0.10mm/100Div.)


Drivers and Softwares

Please install the newest camera drivers.

Sample Images






Spectral Range 380-650nm (with IR-filter), for Monochromatic Camera, AR Is Used
White Balance ROI White Balance/ Manual Temp-Tint Adjustment
Color Rendering Technique Ultra Fine Color Engine
Capture/Control SDK Windows/Linux/macOS/Android Multiple Platform SDK(Native C/C++, C#/VB.NET, Python, Java, DirectShow, Twain, etc);
Recording System Still Picture and Movie
Cooling System* Natural
Operating Temperature -10 °C~ 50 °C
Storage Temperature -20 °C~ 60 °C
Operating Humidity 30~80%RH
Storage Humidity 10~60%RH
Power Supply DC 5V over PC USB Port
Operating System Support Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 /8 /10(32 & 64 bit)
OS X (Mac OS X), Linux
PC Requirements CPU: Equal to Intel Core2 2.8GHz or Higher
Memory: 2GB or More
USB port: USB2.0 High-speed Port
Display: 17″ or Larger


Before using the product for the first time, please be sure to install concerned drivers and software, and read quick guide or manuals.



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